Prince’s Lamb & Vegetable Tagine


Slow-cooked lamb tagine fit for royalty! Juicy shoulder of lamb, butternut, aubergine, baby spinach, tomatoes and dates gently simmered in a fragrant blend of spices, fresh ginger, garlic and orange juice.

Small = portion for 1
Medium = portion for 2-3



Cooking instructions:
Can cook from frozen – put in the oven at 190degrees for 15-20mins, stir occasionally.

Serving suggestion:
Serve with rice or couscous. Garnish with parsley and orange zest.

Pasture raised lamb, butternut, aubergine, chickpeas, baby spinach, onion, garlic, fresh ginger, spices, orange juice, tomatoes, dates, olive oil.


N.B. Since we don’t add any cheat ingredients or bulking agents, some of our dishes may separate when frozen - but they will come back together when cooked!

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