Calorie-controlled menu


Trying to lose weight? This menu has been carefully developed by our trusted dietician. Giving you the breakdown of calories, fat, carbs and protein.



What’s in the box?
  • Monday: Enchanting Chicken Balti Curry + Cauliflower rice [Calories 433/ Fat 26.2g/ Carbs 16.5g/ Protein 35.6g]
  • Tuesday: Simply Delightful Veg Lasagne (suggestion: + 100g green salad) [Calories 297/ Fat 9g/ Carbs 48g/ Protein 15.3g]
  • Wednesday: Sozzled Chicken + 75g Brown & wild rice [Calories 324/ Fat 5.8g/ Carbs 27g/ Protein 36.6g]
  • Thursday: Princess Veg Tagine + 75g Brown & wild rice (suggestion: + 100g cooked chick peas) [Calories 382/ Fat 4.8g/ Carbs 71.3g/ Protein 14.1g]
  • Friday: Zesty Lemon Chicken + Cauliflower rice [Calories 313/ Fat 13.9g/ Carbs 12.9g/ Protein 37.6g]
  • Saturday: Thai Green Veg Curry + Cauliflower rice [Calories 410/ Fat 25.4g/ Carbs 38.7g/ Protein 11g]